UU2014 Public Release 1.0.3


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I believe the UU2014 theme is now ready for public use by other UU Congregations and UU Organizations.  The theme has been approved by WordPress.org and will be publicly visible in the theme directory soon.  However, I recommend people download the current version I have posted on GitHub which will also be submitted to WordPress.org after v1.0.1 is visible (don’t want to interrupt that process).  The changes to the theme are not very large but make configuring some of the new features even easier.  I have removed the custom option screens that were in the 1.0.1 release and replaced them with very simple controls in the WordPress Theme Customizer which you can find at Appearance -> Customize in the administration menu.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues with the theme.  The latest version is already being used on this website and my own congregation’s website.

  • Dan Flippo

Detailed Change Log:

v1.0.3 - UU2014 Public Release 1.0.3

  • Updated theme to utilize the WP Customizer API for all theme settings. This eliminated the need for any custom options screens in functions.php. These settings include the content width and all integration in recommended plugins. WP Customizer allows you to see the effect of the plugin integration in the preview window. It is also cleaner and more future-proof.
  • Reformatted PHP using NetBeans
  • Regenerated Translation Files

v1.0.2 - Updated footer to include a small bit of text to track theme usage

v1.0.1 - Updates for WordPress.org Review Team

  • Removed <meta name=”description” from header.php
  • Removed hard coded RSS link in header.php.
  • Renamed all functions in functions.php to be prefixed with uu2013 including the setup_theme_admin_menus() function.
  • Added license and copyright text for images used in the theme.

v1.0.0 - Initial Release of UU2014 for public use