Version 1.0.5 Released

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There have been a few minor issues resolved in this latest version of the UU2014 theme. I believe the most significant changes are the new customizer screens where you can choose whether to display comments or bylines on posts.  Details are provided below. has been very slow to review the theme and provide feedback. This release of the theme was mostly to address feedback I received this week. I still hope to have WordPress automatically prompt users to upgrade the theme but for now you need to manually upload the new version of the theme to your server.

Please feel free to post your own issues or questions on the theme here:


Dan Flippo
Webmaster, Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent
Based on feedback from elseloop at, the following issues were reported and resolved:
  • Error when Meteor Slides is not installed
  • Posts with no title have no link to the single view from the index list
  • “Comments are disabled” notice should be displayed on posts with comments disabled
  • Width of floating sidebar isn’t responsive to widget width
  • Need to add CSS for widgets in footer sidebar
  • Issue with sidebar CSS for recent comments
Additional information on each bug is online at:
While resolving the issues above, the following features have been added:
  • The customizer has a new section to allow you to choose whether to display comments for posts, pages, and image pages.  The default is yes for all three but I recommend disabling comments for all three for most congregation websites.
  • The customizer has a new section to allow you to choose whether to display a byline for the author of each post.  In the past the bylines were not displayed.  The default is now to display the byline.