Release 1.2.0

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Going forward, I will publish updates here whenever an official release is out.  This release included the following changes:

Version 1.2.0

  • One of the more significant cosmetic changes since release. In response to a request I received, I’ve updated the theme to be a bit cleaner and less “rectangular”. Essentially, the background of the primary sidebar now is the same color as the main content dashboard. The background to the left and right of the header has also been converted into a semi-transparent gradient and the edge of the main content now appears to float above the page background.

Version 1.1.2

  • For the UUKent website, we transitioned from using Meteor Slides to Cyclone Slider for our header images. Instead of adding integration for Cyclone Slider, I have created a more flexible widget area for headers. If you add a widget for Meteor Slides, Cyclone Slider, or any other slider plugin to this area it will replace the WordPress header image with your widget. If you were using Meteor Slides, you should go into your Widgets control panel and add your slideshow to the Header Widget Area.