UU2014 WordPress Theme Release 1.3.6 - Fonts

Screenshot of Typecase plugin, Credits: UpThemes
Screenshot of Typecase plugin, Credits: UpThemes

Release 1.3.6 has been submitted to WordPress.org and should be released to users shortly.  This release is largely related to customization of font sizes and font families.

  • Added extensive controls in the WordPress Customizer that allow users to pick both font-sizes and font-families. The theme now includes customizer controls for the font-sizes but modifications to font-families is done through theme support for the Typecase Web Fonts plugin. There are also separate customizer controls for all the font-sizes when viewed on mobile devices. The theme defines many different theme regions and each region can have a different font-family (through the plugin), font-size, and mobile font-size.
  • Synced theme with recent updates to the _s framework.
  • Cleaned up a lot of CSS that was in the way when customizing fonts. The theme now sets the default font families in only two places. Any changes the theme was making to the default _s font sizes have been removed from style.css and are now set by the customizer CSS.
  • Improved CSS for the new version of Featured Articles Lite plugin. Fixed issue that was causing large gaps when post titles wrapped. Like elsewhere, users can now control the font sizes and font families for the plugin in the customizer.
  • Fixed issue in the post editor where the screen flickered when you clicked in the editor and CSS styles were applied. The editor is much more likely now to display exactly like posts on the front-end.
  • Improved support for post formats. Image posts are displayed in single posts and lists using the new content-image.php template.
  • Eliminated the content-single.php template and added an if condition to content.php to handle single posts. Single.php now uses post formats to pick the best content template.
  • For post types other than standard, content.php will now display a link that users can click to display posts of that type.