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033-1Like many Unitarian Universalists, I  only learned about UU as an adult. I first learned about UU when my younger sister was looking into locations for her upcoming wedding. She called me up one day and said, “I know that you have always been interested in talking with people about their religions, have you ever hear of Unitarian Universalism?” I said that I had not. She then began to tell me things that she had read online about the religion. I told her flat out that she had to be mistaken and that such a religion could not possibly exist, especially here in the Bible belt of the US. However, the conversation planted a seed and about a month later I visited the nearest church with my family. If you are familiar with UU churches, you are probably grinning right now because you know how wrong I was.

I like to tell this story because I firmly believe that there are many people who would be drawn to UU if they only knew it existed. Therefore, I have focused part of my energies to help UU congregations improve their online presences. I started by redesigning my church’s website using WordPress and the excellent UU2011 theme by Anna Belle Leiserson. We now use my new UU2014 theme that has mostly the same look and feel that she developed but has made some improvements that I believe will be helpful to other UU websites. Going forward, I will be working with Anna Belle and any other interested UU web designers to improve the theme.

In my professional life I am a IT project manager and deliver business analytics solutions to clients. You can see more about that side of my life on my LinkedIn page:


Dan Flippo

Webmaster, UU Church of Kent Ohio