Getting Started and Updates

Getting Started

  1. You should download the latest release from within WordPress:
  2. Go to the Appearance -> Themes -> Add New Theme screen and search for “UU 2014”
  3. Click Install and then Activate
  4. Optionally download and activate any plugins your are prompted to install from the top of all WordPress administration screens
  5. Visit Appearance -> Customize to set a number of other theme-specific additions to the WordPress customizer including the ability to turn off specific sidebars/widget areas and the ability to disable comments throughout your site.  This is also where you can update many aspects of the appearance through standard WordPress features such as background colors and images.
  6. Alternatively, visit Appearance -> Header to change the header image or set the theme to randomly choose which image to display.

Getting Updates

The latest releases are always available at but WordPress should automatically prompt you to install updates.  If you are not being prompted, I recommend deleting the theme and adding it back through the instructions above.